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Sad News About AdorABEL

Unfortunately, the mortality rate of peregrine falcons in their first year is 59-70 percent, and …


IncredABEL Names for the Four Falcons

The votes have been calculated and the results are in. The WoodmenLife falcon chicks have been na…


Four Female Falcons – Let the Naming Begin!

With four female falcons, what names would you give them? We really want to know! Submit your nam…


It’s Banding Day!

It’s the highly-anticipated falcon banding day! This is WoodmenLife’s 29th year of the falcon pro…


Falcons Survived the Storm

Falcons are survivors. Last night Omaha and the surrounding areas experienced a storm with 80 mph…


One Week Until Banding

One week from today we’ll know the falcons’ genders and WoodmenLife will launch the naming contes…


Falcons are Fast in More Ways than One

Everyone knows that peregrine falcons are fast flyers. Peregrines are the speediest birds on the …


A Foursome! And the Banding Day is Set

It looks like the fourth falcon egg hatched last night – this morning we spotted four heads tryin…


3 Babies!

Three of the four falcon eggs hatched this weekend, and Charity and Mintaka have been busy feedin…


What is it About Falcons?

This is the “wait and see” phase of the falcon season – that 30 or so day period during incubatio…


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Falcon History

How Peregrine Falcons Came to WoodmenLife

In the 1950s, the peregrine falcon population plummeted. The species was placed on the endangered list as scientists bred peregrines in captivity and released them into wild areas.

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Help Name the Four Falcon Chicks