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Sunny Days in Omaha

We Omahans are wondering, what’s that big bright orb in the sky? It’s the sun! They s…


4 Eggs in the Box!

We’re excited to see that Charity laid her fourth egg! The incubation period for Peregrine Falcon…


It’s a Trio!

Charity laid her third egg on Sunday morning – and there’s still a strong possibility…


Two Eggs and Two Falcons

We have two eggs in the nest! We’re seeing the falcons incubate the eggs more today –…


We Have an Egg!

Charity laid her first egg this morning! Average clutch sizes for peregrine falcons are between t…


Charity Returns Just in Time for New Camera

The new WoodmenLife HD FalconCam is now live! This means you can see the falcons in better qualit…


WoodmenLife, Fontenelle Forest Partner to Tell Peregrine Falcon Success Story

WoodmenLife contributed $10,000 to Fontenelle Forest’s Raptor Woodland Refuge for wildlife conser…


We Have Names – Dakota, Cheyenne, Endura, Hunter!

We are proud to announce the names of the newest batch of WoodmenLife Tower falcon chicks! Their …


2016 WoodmenLife Falcon Banding

May 27 was banding day at the WoodmenLife Tower as workers from the Nebraska Game and Parks Commi…


2016 Falcon Banding & Naming Contest

Fontenelle Forest Raptor Recovery and the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission will visit WoodmenLi…


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Falcon History

How Peregrine Falcons Came to WoodmenLife

In the 1950s, the peregrine falcon population plummeted. The species was placed on the endangered list as scientists bred peregrines in captivity and released them into wild areas.

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